Top 5 Monsters in Monster Hunter Rise

Capcom's Monster Hunter Rise has been available for several weeks on the Nintendo Switch, and several of us here at Bluefin have been refining our gaming/hunting skills for this new iteration. We've had a blast exploring new lands, as well as hunting and capturing all-new monsters, as well as classic one's. We may not be the best hunters around, but we want to share with you our favorite monsters from Monster Hunter Rise, so let's take a look at our top 5 favorite Monsters.

#5 Pukei-Pukei

This chameleon-like bird wyvern is our #5 of favorite monsters from MHR. First introduced in the previous game, Monster Hunter: World, this creature can poison players as well as smack them with its tail, wings, and extensively long tongue. Although it can be a pesky monster to hunt in the early game, its "cute" design is why we place it at #5. Many of the monsters in the game can be quite terrifying and even more dangerous than the Pukei-Pukei, but that's fine and dandy, because we don't mind standing around and staring at this creature's big eyes and bright colors.

#4 Tetranadon

The Tetranadon is a new monster featured in Monster Hunter Rise. This platypus, kappa, turtle mix of a creature is by far one of Capcom's interesting designs. Tetranadon can inflate its belly which increases its size and its attacks become "sumo-like." Its stomping and bouncing around definitely caught us off guard the first time around, but in the end hunting the Tetranadon will always be fun, and that puts Tetranadon at our #4 slot.

#3 Rathalos

Kings of the skies, and the iconic poster creature for Monster Hunter is the Rathalos. This monster has been in the franchise for a long time, and it is featured in every game since the original release on Playstation 2 back in 2004, and we can see why. Rathalos is our #3 spot, because of how awesome of a creature it is; A fire-breathing dragon, that unlocks some pretty sweet looking armor and weapon sets. Yes, it's side-swipe tail attack can knock you down and be annoying, along with his fire breath attack able to easily KO hunters, but that's what makes the game fun; working together to take down difficult monsters such as the Rathalos.

#2 Zinogre

Our #2 and #1 spot were very difficult to choose from. After some thoughtful consideration, and several hunts later, our #2 pick is the Zinogre. This electric creature is very agile and has several attacks that make it a formidable creature to hunt such as its aerial attacks and powerful claw attack. While hunting this creature, it can charge itself and once fully charge, it can dish out more damage which makes the hunt increasingly difficult but makes the Zinogre look so fabulous. We love the armor sets this creature unlocks, along with its lupine design.


#1 Magnamalo

Our #1 pick for favorite monster in Monster Hunter Rise is the new cover monster, Magnamalo. There's so much to love about this monster, from its ancient warlord-like design, purple flames, to its powered up state where its flames burn wildly and a set of tucked-in fangs emerges making it more ferocious. Hunting the Magnamalo definitely takes some team work if you're playing online. It's attacks are wild and dangerous (especially that meteor attack), but after the hunt you are rewarded with material to unlock one of Monster Hunter Rise most amazing armor sets and weapons currently available which makes the hunt well worth it; who doesn't want to be a drabbed in purple, black, and red warlord armor? The Magnamalo is a beast of a creature that easily captured our hearts the  moment we got a look at it, and that's why it is our #1 pick.

If you haven't had a chance to play the new Monster Hunter game, we highly suggest you do. It is loads of fun, especially with a group of friends or coworkers. If you have had a chance to play it, then let us know what your top 5 monsters in MHR are.

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