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  1. The September Mystery Boxes are Live

    The September Mystery Boxes are Live

    This month we’re offering three Mystery Boxes to franchises we hold near and dear to our hearts. Ask yourself if you can you handle the awesomeness of Gundam, Star Wars, and Sailor Moon Mystery Boxes? Holy smokes, that’s a trifecta of kickassery! Each Mystery box is guaranteed to include at least four items, and a chance to win a highly sought-after collectible.  All three boxes will begin shipping the first week of October.

    Take a look at last month’s Mystery Boxes, which included VillainsVideo Game, and Tokusatsu themes to get an idea of the value we bundle into our boxes. Thank you and best of luck winning those prizes!

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  2. Look Inside The August Mystery Boxes

    Look Inside The August Mystery Boxes

    The August Mystery Boxes shipped last week, and we are extremely grateful for the overwhelming positive feedback across social media including Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Our themes for last month's Mystery Boxes included Video Games, Villains and Tokusatsu. By now, everyone has had a chance to rip open their mystery boxes to see what goodies ended up inside. Now that August is over, we thought it would be fun to reveal the contents of each Mystery Box. Take a look!

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