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  1. NYCC Scouter Stamp Rally

    NYCC Scouter Stamp Rally

    This New York Comic Con, Bluefin will be holding a stamp rally with participating New York retailers. Participants will be able to get free swag at four locations, and then return to NYCC for a chance at one of our grand prizes.

    Beginning at 4:00pm, Thursday October 3rd, attendees of NYCC will be able to pick up a postcard from Bluefin’s Crystal Palace display of Star Wars Movie Realization figures. The postcard will allow individuals to go to four local retailers for a free giveaway (while supplies last), and to receive a stamp on their postcard. Once you’ve collected your stamps, return the postcard to the Crystal Palace and you will receive raffle tickets equal to the number of stamps you got. Collect all four to maximize your chances.

    The participating retailers are; Midtown Comics (Times Square), Kinokuniya, Image Anime and Forbidden Planet NYC. Each of these amazing stores will have giveaways for participants (while supplies last). If this is your first time in a particular shop, this would be a great time to check out all the amazing toys, comics and collectibles on display. Don’t forget to get your postcard stamped before heading to the next location.

    NYCC prize drawings will take place on Friday, Saturday and Sunday at 4:00pm at the Crystal Palace, where you received and dropped off your postcard. Winners must be present to win and will be picked at random. So, what could you win? Friday’s prizes are geared towards Star Wars. Afterall, it is Force Friday. On Saturday, we will be giving away an 

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  2. Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker Model Kits

    Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker Model Kits

    Triple Force Friday, the newest tradition of Star Wars product launches, is set for October 4, 2019. On this day, fans will be celebrating the upcoming releases of Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker, The Mandalorian, a live-action television series exclusively on Disney+, and EA’s Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order video game. But why wait? The festivities kicked off yesterday afternoon with the Triple Force Friday Global Reveal Live-Stream Event, hosted by Warwick Davis, live from Pinewood Studios in London. The live stream gave viewers a look at new trailers, interviews, and a special preview of new Star Wars products available for purchase on Triple Force Friday.

    We are excited to announce new Bandai Hobby model kits from Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker. This new line of model kits will feature three vehicles and three figures from the upcoming feature film. Our figure kits include a diorama of BB-8 and D-0, the newest droid in the Star Wars universe. We also have a First Order Stormtrooper complete with F-11D Blaster Rifle, Z6 Riot Control Baton and Riot Shield. Lastly, we have the man, the myth, the angry Kylo Ren. This dark force user comes with two light sabers (one with in-motion effects), a hilt, cape and hood. The vehicles include an X-Wing with a R5 astromech droid, Poe Dameron's X-Wing with R2-D2 and the Millennium Falcon.

    1/12 Scale BB-8 & D-0 Diorama Set $30

    BB-8 and D-0 Force Friday 1BB-8 and D-0 Force Friday 2

    • Display Base

    • 11.7' L x 7.4' H x 2.95' D

    1/12 Scale First Order Storm

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  3. Press Release: Bluefin Brands Headed to NYCC 2019

    Press Release: Bluefin Brands Headed to NYCC 2019


    Visit Bluefin’s Brands During NYCC Booth #1520 & Tamashii Nations Booth #1903 And 2019 Dragon Ball World Adventure Booth #1612


    Anaheim, CA, September 23, 2019 – Bluefin, a Bandai Namco group company and the leading North American distributor of toys, collectibles, and hobby merchandise from Japan and Asia, brings a comprehensive array of products from its arsenal of leading collectibles brands to the 2019 New York Comic Con.

    The 2019 New York Comic Con takes place October 3rd – 6th at the Javits Convention Center in Manhattan and is the East Coast's biggest pop culture convention. The annual gathering plays host to the latest and greatest in comics, graphic novels, anime, manga, video games, toys, movies, and television. More information on New York Comic Con is available at:

    For this year’s convention, Bluefin announces exclusives and first-to-market products from popular brands such as Storm Collectibles, Bandai Hobby and Tamashii Nations. Bluefin also proudly announces a special Tamashii Nations installation to be located in the Javits Center’s Crystal Palace and the 2019 Dragon Ball World Adventure attraction.


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  4. Metal Build Strike Freedom Gundam Soul Blue Ver. Available at NYCC 2019

    Metal Build Strike Freedom Gundam Soul Blue Ver. Available at NYCC 2019

    New York Comic-Con is just days away and we are so excited to have this gorgeous Metal Build Strike Freedom Gundam at booth 1903. The custom assault mobile suit piloted by Kira Yamato, is a technical marvel that pushes the boundaries on aerial combat. Maneuverability is hardly an issue as the Strike Freedom Gundam features mobile weapon wings, which are highly posable on this metal build. If peacocking is a thing in the Gundam Universe, you better believe the Strike Freedom Mobile Suit is ranked at the top of the list. This Gundam just screams “don’t mess with the best!”

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  5. Tamashii Nations at New York Comic Con 2019

    Tamashii Nations at New York Comic Con 2019

    Tamashii Nations will be in full force at New York Comic Con. Not only will they be hosting the Dragon Ball World Adventure for its final North American stop, they will be bringing all your favorite products from Star Wars, Marvel, Dragon Ball, Gundam and so much more.

    One of the cornerstones of this years NYCC will be the Dragon Ball World Adventure (Booth 1612). Fans will be able to enter the expansive world of Dragon Ball and see a wide variety of products from Tamashii Nations and other Bandai entities. There will be giveaways, photo opportunities and the crowd favorite builder’s workshops will be returning. At the workshops, you will be able to build a free model kit and get tips from our expert builders.

    Across the aisle at booth 1520, all six Dragon Ball World Adventure exclusives will be available to purchase.

    Dragon Ball Exclusives:

    S.H. Figuarts Son Goku – Kid - $55
    •S.H. Figuarts Ultimate Son Gohan - $55 
    •S.H. Figuarts Golden Frieza - $65 
    •S.H. Figuarts Goku Black-Super Saiyan Rose - $75
    •FiguartsZero Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan Gogeta - $65
    •Figure-Rise Standard Super Saiyan Gogeta - $35

    Dragon Ball Convention Exclusives

    Tickets for the Dragon Ball World Adventure Exclusives will be handed out at the beginning of each day. The tickets will include a re

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  6. Bandai Hobby Convention Exclusives Headed to NYCC 2019

    Bandai Hobby Convention Exclusives Headed to NYCC 2019

    New York Comic Con is coming up quick and we’re excited to announce a whopping nine exclusives from Bandai Hobby available at our booth. Builders of all ages have the chance to grab these unique Gundam and Star Wars model kits. Take all the time you need to build these bad boys, but please don’t delay in purchasing any of our convention exclusives. Quantities are limited, so head over to Booth #1903 sooner rather than later. New 40th Anniversary Gundam apparel will also be available to purchase at our booth including hats, shirts, and a hoodie. Convention Exclusive Model Kits and pricing are listed below.

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  7. NYCC 2019 Exclusives from Storm Collectibles

    NYCC 2019 Exclusives from Storm Collectibles

    New York Comic Con is just two weeks away and we’re excited to announce three exclusives from Storm Collectibles we’ll have available at our booth. We hope you have your fighting stick hands ready for Bloody Scorpion and Cyber Ninja Smoke. Additionally, Cyrax and Cammy are coming first to market at NYCC, giving attendees the chance to pick up these figures before anyone else. That's right folks. This is happening! Who's ready? Check out the figures, accessories, and pricing below. Quantities are limited so head over to Booth #1520 sooner rather than later. 

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  8. The September Mystery Boxes are Live

    The September Mystery Boxes are Live

    This month we’re offering three Mystery Boxes to franchises we hold near and dear to our hearts. Ask yourself if you can you handle the awesomeness of Gundam, Star Wars, and Sailor Moon Mystery Boxes? Holy smokes, that’s a trifecta of kickassery! Each Mystery box is guaranteed to include at least four items, and a chance to win a highly sought-after collectible.  All three boxes will begin shipping the first week of October.

    Take a look at last month’s Mystery Boxes, which included VillainsVideo Game, and Tokusatsu themes to get an idea of the value we bundle into our boxes. Thank you and best of luck winning those prizes!

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  9. Mortal Kombat Figures Available for Pre-Order

    Mortal Kombat Figures Available for Pre-Order

    Mortal Kombat first arrived in arcades all the way back in 1992. The 2D fighting game packed with blood and gore changed the way we looked at video games forever. Parents watched in horror as heads are ripped off with the spine still attached, hearts torn out of chests, and opponents were burned alive. Oh my! The public outcry over violence in video games helped lead to the creation of the ESRB (Entertainment Software Rating Board) which assigned ratings to video games. This of course gave parents a warning label to help decide if a game was appropriate for their children.

    Fast forward 27 years later and Mortal Kombat has spawned 14 video games including sequels, spinoffs and reboots. Additionally, the bloody franchise also released two feature films, a web-series, animated series, comic books, and let’s not forget a killer soundtrack to the 90’s. During this time, we have seen nearly 80 characters make their way onto the game’s roster. Now the question is how do we get those figures out of the game and into your toy collection?

    Get over here!

    Scorpion Mortal Kombat

    Scorpion was one of seven characters first introduced in the original Mortal Kombat. The deadly ninja is a staple in the long running franchise and has since become the face of Mortal Kombat. Harpooning his enemies is a crowd pleaser to say the least, and I'm happy to report he's getting a new figure from Storm Collectibles. This 1/12 scale figure comes packed with a plethora of goodies fit for any yellow ninja looking to decimate their opponent.

    What’s included:

    • 2x Interchangeable masks 
    • 4x Intercha
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  10. Top 10 Generation One Decepticons

    Top 10 Generation One Decepticons

    Transformers are a franchise favorite amongst us nerds in the office, and even more so with the older crowd. Going back to 1984, both Hasbro's toyline and the animated series bring back fond memories of our childhood. We discussed everything from playing with Auotbots and Decepticons during sleepovers, to Transformers themed birthday parties. I'll never forget witnessing a bunch of six year olds start to cry when Optimus Prime (spolier alert) was killed in action in Transformers: The Movie. It's kind of funny how attached we were to Optimus, and in that moment, Megatron and his minons pretty much ruined the birthday party. So to recognize Megatron for his tomfoolery, we thought it would be fun to rank our top 10 Generation One Decepticons. 

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