1. Tamashii Nations Experience at HBX New York [Press Release]

    Tamashii Nations Experience at HBX New York [Press Release]

    "All aboard the hype train for a fun and unique shopping experience featuring incredible displays, exclusive items, and products never before available in North America through March 2, 2023."

    IRVINE, Calif., Feb. 10, 2023 - In just a few short weeks TAMASHII NATIONS will be headed to New York, NY for a limited time to bring fans an unparalleled shopping experience. Here customers will be able to purchase Event Exclusives, as well as items only available at the Tamashii Nations Tokyo Store located in Japan. All your favorite product lines will be available (while supplies last) including S.H.Figuarts, FiguartsZERO, Figuarts mini, METAL BUILD, THE ROBOT SPIRITS and more. Additionally, fans will get to see new and upcoming products on display that have yet to be released!


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  2. Bandai Namco Toys & Collectibles America NYCC Press Release

    Bandai Namco Toys & Collectibles America NYCC Press Release

    Irvine, Calif – (October 3, 2022) For NYCC attendees that had missed the epic Dragon Ball Experience booth from San Diego Comic-Con or the jaw-dropping One Piece U.S.A Tour Booth featured at Anime Expo, Bandai Namco Toys & Collectibles America (BNTCA) has got them covered! Coming in hot to NYCC 2022, these booths will make a grand reappearance in addition to booths dedicated to Tamashii Nations, Bandai Hobby, MegaHouse, Shokugan, Tamagotchi, Dragon Stars, Anime Heroes, Gundam, Studio Ghibli, nanoblock and unique Demon Slayer exhibit, designed after the show’s Japan-inspired setting!


    “This year has been

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  3. Howl's Moving Castle Returns to Theaters

    Howl's Moving Castle Returns to Theaters

    The magic of Studio Ghibli and its films is something that continues to draw new audiences, inspire longtime fans, and bring so much joy to all those who come across any work. Bandai Namco Toys & Collectible America Inc. (BNTCA) are extremely proud to bring the World of Ghibli to fans in the States – the magic of Studio Ghibli comes off screen and into fans’ homes, into their hands, with what BNTCA has to share. From home décor, such as desk clocks and towels, to things crafts and toys, such as paper theater kits and puzzles, the World of Ghibli gives endless ways to enjoy Studio Ghibli even more.

    In their efforts to share the excitement of Studio Ghibli with more people, BNTCA had teamed up with their friends at Gkids (

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  4. Studio Ghibli At Fan Expo Toronto

    Studio Ghibli At Fan Expo Toronto

    Bandai Namco Toys & Collectibles America Inc. (BNTCA) is headed to Fan Expo Canada this weekend (Aug 25-28) and they are thrilled to return to the city of Toronto. BNTCA last visit was back in 2019. For those who did not get a chance to visit, they had a workshop placed right outside their booth, where all attendees were welcomed to build a model kit. Model kits offered during this workshop was the Transformers Furai Model line (Bumblebee, Optimus Prime, or Starscream) from Flame Toys or Star Wars vehicle model kits such as the Y-Wing from Bandai Hobby.

    This year, Bandai Namco Toys & Collectibles America Inc. is bringing Studio Ghibli to Fan Expo like you’ve never seen before. Currently, Studio Ghibli has made their appearance at multiple conventions such

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  5. Studio Ghibli At Anime Expo

    Studio Ghibli At Anime Expo

    Bandai Namco Toys & Collectibles America Inc. (BNTCA) is headed to Anime Expo this year (July 1-4) in Los Angeles, California. BNTCA distributes many products from a wide variety of brands and one brand joining the fun at AX is Studio Ghibli, and you don’t want to miss out on what they have planned.

    The Studio Ghibli booth (World of Ghibli) can be found at booth E-6 in the Entertainment Hall. There you’ll find Displays of official Studio Ghibli merchandise, as well as a shop for fans to purchase official merchandise like plush, puzzles, home goods, and more!

    Commemorate your visit at the World of Ghibli booth at AX with a photo-op of Totoro at the bus stop or with a lifesize Catbus Paper Theater. What is paper theater? Paper Theater is an arts & craft product

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  6. Tamashii Nations Announces New S.H.Figuarts

    Tamashii Nations Announces New S.H.Figuarts

    Tamashii Nations creates unprecedented collectibles that show impressive technology and craftsmanship. Whenever, we get news of upcoming Tamashii Nation items, we are always on the edge of our seat and this time we’re ready to blast off as we share some of the latest S.H.Figuarts announced. So, sit back and buckle up, we’re taking off!


    Tamashii Nations has various collectibles, and one of their well-known

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  7. New Collectibles From Ensky

    New Collectibles From Ensky

    Ensky is one of the many companies we work with to deliver amazing collectibles straight from overseas to fans across the United States. They hold many IP's (intellectual property) under their belt, and we are very excited to announce the newest collectibles from them featuring characters from Demon Slayer, Kirby, and Studio Ghibli.

    Let's take a look!

    Demon Slayer

    Demon Slayer is continuing its current season on Crunchyroll (The Entertainment District Arc as of writing this blog) and what better way to celebrate than to announce new goodies of characters from the show! Ensky has recently announced new Japanese cloth (Tenugui) and puzzles featuring some of your favorite characters from the hit anime series.

    Tenugui (te=hands; nugui=wipe) are traditional Japanese cotton towels that have been a staple of the Japanese home since the 9th century.

    These multi-purpose cloths are used everyday as hand towels, dishcloths, and washcloths. They make great statement pieces as napkins, place mats, or table runners and are commonly worn as neckerchiefs or headbands. They hang elegantly on walls, providing beautiful decoration, and can serve as the perfect reusable gift wrap

    Demon Slayer tenugui measures 35x100cm (13.7x39.3in). Made in Japan. Made of 100% Cotton. There are 14 characters to choose from. Which character would you want from the lineup? Let us know in the comments below.

    MSRP $15.00 each

    If you've been enjoying the Entertainment District Arc from Demon Slayer, then check out the two new puzzles featuring the main Hashira (Tengen Uzui) featured in the season, along with the poster art for the current arc.

    These puzzles are 300 pieces and measures 26x38cm (10.2x14.9in) when completed. Each puzzle includes puzzle glue and is made from jigsaw puzzle paperboard.

    MSRP $18.00 each


    This year marks the 30th anniversary of Kirby, the pink puffy hero, and Ensky is releasing a beautiful 1000 piece puzzle featuring Kirby throughout the years. You can see many iterations of the lovable hero, from him sleeping in the far back, wearing a chef hat, or even taking charge with the invincible candy.

    This pink puzzle measures 51x73.5 cm when completed (20x28.9in). Includes puzzle glue.

    MSRP $36.00

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  8. New Collectibles from Megahouse

    New Collectibles from Megahouse

    Megahouse is starting 2022 with jam-packed news of products releasing later this year!

    If you're new to the brand and have never heard of Megahouse then welcome! Megahouse is a major Japanese toy manufacturer and BANDAI Group company. Originally founded in 1962 as Kaken, the company was purchased by BANDAI and merged with BANDAI subsidiaries Angel and B-AI in 1997 to become MegaHouse.

    The origin of the company name is a combination of the acronym Mega, Make (produce) Enjoy (enjoy) Global (worldwide Ability (talent), and House, which likens the company to a family community. And, as the word mega itself means “huge,” MegaHouse also reflects the company’s philosophy to provide dreams to our customers through its imagination and adventurous spirit.

    They create amazing collectibles featuring some of the most popular IP's around such as Bleach, Naruto, Demon Slayer, Jujutsu Kaisen, Sailor Moon, Gundam, Digimon, and many more! Their collectibles range

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  9. Top 4 Favorite Collectibles Of 2021

    Top 4 Favorite Collectibles Of 2021

    The year is drawing to a close, and we've distributed quite a handful of amazing collectibles. That said, we thought it would be great to share with you our Top 4 favorite collectibles this year. It was tough to decide what would be our favorite since we carry various brands from Storm Collectibles, Flame Toys, Sen-Ti-Nel, Studio Ghibli, and more, but after careful thought, we agreed on these four. This isn't a definitive list, it is just our personal favorites, and if you have a list of your favorites from this year feel free to share it with us. In the meantime enjoy our list!

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  10. New Figures From Storm Collectibles

    New Figures From Storm Collectibles

    Once again, Storm Collectibles pulls out all the stops and delivers a roster filled with face-pounding fighters from killer titles including Tekken 7, The King of Fighters, and the hit anime, Kengan Ashura! Each figure features exquisite detail and is loaded with a plethora of accessories that is sure to excite the fans. Let's take a look at all the available action figures!

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