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  1. New Tamagotchi Introductions

    New Tamagotchi Introductions

    New Launch Alert! Demon Slayer and Evangelion Tamagotchi devices have officially debuted! With authentic Japanese programming and packaging, these devices will keep you entertained for hours!

    The Evangelion Tamagotchi will be launching with three devices, available in the colors of the series’ core cast of mecha pilots, Shinji, Asuka and Rei. 

    The Demon Slayer Tamagotchi is also available with two new devices for Zenitsu Agatsuma and Inosuke Hashibira now available. 

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  2. Top 5 Picks for Figuarts Mini

    Top 5 Picks for Figuarts Mini

    Figuarts Mini is a brand-new line by Tamashii Nations. Figuarts Mini brings to life your favorite characters into a charming miniature figure. Starting late 2019 with Kylie from "The Kotobuki Squadron in The Wilderness," followed by the Sailor Scouts, there are now over 15 characters to choose from; with many more releasing next year. We are going to share with you our top 5 picks for Figuarts Mini and they are:

    #5 Kylie & Hayabusa (Kylie ver.)

    At #5 is the Figuarts Mini that started it all, but specifically the version that includes her aircraft Hayabusa. We're big fans of having accessories included and having a plane that can fit Kylie inside easily makes this our #5 favorite. Kotobuki Squadron is not a series we're too familiar with, but Tamashii Nations does a wonderful job making the characters cute with their "Glittering EYE technology," and "chibi-like" features. She even comes with her aviator hat and goggles!

    #4 Mash Kyrielight

    Coming up at #4 is Mash from the Fate series. The sculpt on this mini is amazing; from the hair to the armor, it stands out as a Figuarts Mini. Even the paint applied to the armor is fantastic with that metallic look. Just like we mentioned previously, we are fans of accessories, and this Figuarts Mini of Mash includes her shield, which looks stunning. It was a difficult decision considering the other 2 available characters from Fate are also amazing, but the sculpt of the armor sealed the deal for us.

    #3 Kaname Madoka

    Our #3 pick is the magical girl Madoka. Not only is this Figuarts Mini adorable, but the sculpt and eyes show off just how cute this line can be. From the bows on her pigtails, to the vibrant paint used, this Figuarts Mini is a brilliant example of what the series has to offer and a must have for fans of the series. Just like our previous picks, this Mini also comes with an accessory, and that is her rose bow and arrow.

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