1. New Collectibles from Megahouse

    New Collectibles from Megahouse

    Megahouse is starting 2022 with jam-packed news of products releasing later this year!

    If you're new to the brand and have never heard of Megahouse then welcome! Megahouse is a major Japanese toy manufacturer and BANDAI Group company. Originally founded in 1962 as Kaken, the company was purchased by BANDAI and merged with BANDAI subsidiaries Angel and B-AI in 1997 to become MegaHouse.

    The origin of the company name is a combination of the acronym Mega, Make (produce) Enjoy (enjoy) Global (worldwide Ability (talent), and House, which likens the company to a family community. And, as the word mega itself means “huge,” MegaHouse also reflects the company’s philosophy to provide dreams to our customers through its imagination and adventurous spirit.

    They create amazing collectibles featuring some of the most popular IP's around such as Bleach, Naruto, Demon Slayer, Jujutsu Kaisen, Sailor Moon, Gundam, Digimon, and many more! Their collectibles range from highly-detailed statues, adorable charms/keychains, customizable figures, and miniature figures.

    Check out these several products slated to release later this year!

    Jujutsu Kaisen Ochamoto

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    Bluefin Will Present a One-of-Kind Exhibition of Its Entire Brand Portfolio Including Special Displays, Product Reveals, Exclusive Collectibles, Giveaways and More including Comic-Con Debuts of Studio Ghibli and MegaHouse as well as a Kamen Rider 50th Anniversary Panel

    Anaheim, CA – November 17, 2021. Fans and collectors are experiencing a whole new level of Comic-Con FOMO with today’s news that BANDAI NAMCO Collectibles (Bluefin) will present its largest-ever exhibition in San Diego. For the first time ever at Comic-Con, Bluefin will showcase its entire brand portfolio across a trio of booths totaling 8,000 square feet of exhibit space and offering
    Comic-Con attendees a one-of-kind experience from Bluefin. In addition to THE GUNDAM BASE SAN DIEGO POP-UP announced last week, Bluefin’s exhibition will also include not only Tamashii Nations, Storm Collectibles, Sentinel Toys and Flame Toys but also BANDAI Shokugan, Blitzway and Nanoblock as well as the Comic-Con debuts of both Studio Ghibli and MegaHouse. On top of its highly-anticipated event exclusive collectibles, attendees can also look forward to special product displays, life-size statues, contests, workshops and exclusive photo ops throughout Bluefin’s three booths – Main Booth (Booth #2218), Tamashii Nations (Booth #1818) and THE GUNDAM BASE SAN DIEGO POP-UP (Booth #1805). Bluefin will welcome guests daily during regular show hours throughout Comic-Con Special Edition 2021 from November 26-28.


    And, as previously announced, Bluefin and Team Kamen Rider have partnered with Shout Factory’s TokuSHOUTsu to present a Kamen Rider 50th Anniversary Panel and Premiere Screening Event at Comic-Con Special Edition 2021 on Saturday, November 27. Highlights and details

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  3. Dragon Ball Super: Broly Dracap Re:Birth (Super Power Awakening) from Megahouse

    Dragon Ball Super: Broly Dracap Re:Birth (Super Power Awakening) from Megahouse

    Introducing the Dragon Ball Super: Broly Dracap Re:Birth (Super Power Awakening) figures from Megahouse.

    Coming straight from the Dragon Ball Super: Broly anime film, the Dracap lineup features 3.35-inch-tall figures replicating iconic moments from the film. These figures will look great on your desk, on your shelf, or anywhere else you want to place them.

    The figures are $13 MSRP individually, or you can pre-order the entire set today for $50 MSRP wherever Megahouse items are sold. These figures are blind packaging, meaning you won’t know who or what you get until you open them up, but pre-ordering the set ensures you’ll get all four figures in this lineup. Dragon Ball Super: Broly Dracap Re:Birth (Super Power Awakening) is estimated to be released May 2022.

    Possible figures include Goku with Vegeta doing their combined Galick Kamehameha attack, baby Goku in a nursery capsule, Golden Frieza with Super Saiyan Blue Gogeta, and Broly taking a snack break. All figures perfectly memorialize iconic scenes from the Dragon Ball Super: Broly film and are perfect for the Dragon Ball fan in your family.

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  4. Team Kamen Rider Announces New Items

    Team Kamen Rider Announces New Items

    Throughout the year each brand from Bluefin Brands announces amazing new toys and collectibles that are must-have for collectors and fans. Team Kamen Rider brings us three (3) new collectibles for US release, and we want all the fans to know what's coming out.

    Legend Belt Series

    This line of Henshin Belt recreates the look and henshin sounds of the belt at an affordable price point. This line uses simple mechanics and a press of a button to activate the sound effects, compared to the DX or Complete Selection Modification line. Earlier in the year, the first two of this revived line are Legend Henshin Belt - Typhoon, from the original Kamen Rider, and Legend Henshin Belt - Arcle, from Kamen Rider Kuuga. Two more Legend Henshin Belts were recentlyannounced, and they are Legend Henshin Belt - Faiz and Legend Henshin Belt - Fourze. Both new belts are estimated to release Dec 2021 - Jan 2022.

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  5. Latest Collectibles From MegaHouse

    Latest Collectibles From MegaHouse

    MegaHouse is a company that carries many IPs under its belt and creates wonderful collectibles that fans want more of. It is also one of Bluefin's newest brands that will be distributed across the US.  MegaHouse may be our newest brand, but they are already bringing in the heat with all the amazing collectibles planned for 2021. Let us take a closer look at some of the newest items coming to collectors and fans later this year:

    Desktop Army

    You might be wondering "what the heck is a Desktop Army?" It is a collectible line that features chibi characters (sometimes from familiar series) piloting a mech. These 3-inch figures have parts that are interchangeable and compatible with previous released figures, allowing you to mix-and-match for limitless options.

    "Create your very own army to brighten up your desktop with some extra cuteness!"

    The latest Desktop Army from MegaHouse is Alice Gear Aegis Desktop Army Sylphy II Mode-B wearing the Gullinbursti Armor! The Sylphy II Mode-B body comes with bare feet as optional parts, and the large Gullinbursti Gear comes with huge deployable hand parts that boast the largest size in Desktop Army history!

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