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  1. Top 5 Favorite Super Mario Enemies

    Top 5 Favorite Super Mario Enemies

    The Super Mario Series has been around since 1985 and still going on to this day with New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe as their latest release. Mario has traveled to many different locations throughout those years in order to save Princess Peach, and the one thing that gets in his way are the enemies. Their goal is to stop Mario from reaching the Princess; which hasn't gone too well. There have been hundreds of enemies from Goombas to Cheep Cheep, with many different variants for each species, and for us there is a handful of enemies that are likeable. Here is our Top 5 favorite Super Mario Enemies:

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  2. Top 5 Favorite Keyblades

    Top 5 Favorite Keyblades

    Kingdom Hearts is a franchise that started back in 2002. As of 2020 there are at least thirteen games available. The franchise revolves around a young boy named Sora, traveling through various worlds encountering Disney and Square Enix characters. He is accompanied by Disney's Goofy and Donald Duck, and along their adventure the three fight their way against various enemies. Sora is equipped with a weapon called the Keyblade, which allows him to lock and unlock practically anything (chests, doors, worlds, and people's hearts). As you travel through the various worlds, you unlock different Keyblades. They come in different shapes and colors, and because there are so many, we want to share with you our favorites. Here is our list on the top 5 Keyblades in the Kingdom Hearts franchise:

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  3. New Shodo Digimon 2 on Premium Bandai USA

    New Shodo Digimon 2 on Premium Bandai USA

    Earlier this year Premium Bandai USA released a pre-order for Shodo Digimon Complete Set, which are collectible figures from Shokugan, featuring three of the Digidestined partners: Wargreymon, Angewoman, and Garudamon. The line continues with Shodo Digimon 2 Complete Set, now available for pre-order on Premium Bandai USA.

    Premium Bandai USA is Bandai's official online store and focuses on high-quality anime, video game, and Tokusatsu merchandise. These products vary from action figures, model kits, jewelry, and an array of other collectibles based on many popular Bandai properties.

    Shodo Digimon

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  4. Product Spotlight: Ichibansho Figures

    Product Spotlight: Ichibansho Figures

    Welcome to our second Product Spotlight! If you missed our last one, you can check it out here. Product Spotlight is where we put the spotlight on characters or franchise's that are not as well-known as some of our other products available. These Product Spotlight blogs are here to help give you some more explanation to these items. For our second spotlight, we will be focusing on the Ichibansho Figure line.

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