Top 5 Favorite Super Mario Enemies

The Super Mario Series has been around since 1985 and still going on to this day with New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe as their latest release. Mario has traveled to many different locations throughout those years in order to save Princess Peach, and the one thing that gets in his way are the enemies. Their goal is to stop Mario from reaching the Princess; which hasn't gone too well. There have been hundreds of enemies from Goombas to Cheep Cheep, with many different variants for each species, and for us there is a handful of enemies that are likeable. Here is our Top 5 favorite Super Mario Enemies:

#5 Bloopers

Nintendo loves to add a water level to many of their franchise, and in some cases these water levels tend to be difficult. If the physics don't slow you down, you can bet the underwater enemies will. There are many aquatic enemies in the Super Mario franchise, but Bloopers are our #5 favorite enemy. They have a very simple squid design and their irregular movement is not as linear as other enemies, such as the Cheep Cheep, but they can definitely catch you off guard in groups. There is even a variant Blooper that has smaller bloopers that follow it and can separate and chase Mario. Overall, they're just iconic and the fact that their name is an onomatopoeia of the sound of objects dropping into water is just clever. 

#4 Fuzzies

These enemies are not too well known by their name, but they have been around since Super Mario World in 1990. Originally, they looked like little soot sprites that circled around a line path or block, and  they couldn't be defeated without the aid of Yoshi.

In recent years, their design has made them even more likeable; with them looking more like crazy spikey balls, with big eyes and big 'ol teeth. In later titles, they are bunched into groups and seeing all their crazy smiles makes us smile and laugh, which is why Fuzzies are our #4.

#3 Bob-omb

Bob-ombs are  one of the more useful enemies found in many Mario games. They are mechanical bombs that can walk and will flash when they're close to detonating; you can even pick these little guys up and use them as weapons to clear a path. They're our #3 favorite because even without an expressive face like the fuzzies, they have become iconic by their usefulness and the sound they make. Also, as fans of the Mario Kart series, they're one of the better items to pick up from the boxes to toss backwards, if you're in the lead, aside from the red Koopa shell.

#2 Koopa

Koopa's have been in the Super Mario franchise since 1985, at that time were quadrupeds but now evolved to bipedal, and have become a staple in every main game and spinoff series featuring Mario and Co. What's not to love about these enemies? They come in all sorts of variants, from the cute green spikey ball-throwing Spike to big beady-eye Sumo Bro. Maybe it's that they wear boots similar to Mario, or that they can be picked up to toss like the Bob-omb; whatever the case may be, Koopas' just have a design that makes them a fun and likeable enemy in the Mario franchise.

Honorable Mentions

We said earlier that there are hundreds of enemies to choose from in the Super Mario franchise, and it wasn't easy picking just 5. We'd like to take time and just list out some honorable mentions that came close to being on our list, and they are:
Boo - These shy ghost are quite adorable for their design
Shy Guy - Another shy enemy that doesn't seem like an enemy
Wiggler - These caterpillar-like enemies walk around with a smile on their face but don't get them mad.
Pokey - Similar to the Wiggler, these creatures had a smile on their face, which made them less threatening; just don't touch them.

#1 Goomba

You turn on your NES, start the game, and immediately on World 1-1 you are welcomed by a brown creature with angry eyebrows, and that is the first time you'll encounter a Goomba. These enemies will go on to appear in later titles, spinoffs, and even in the Super Mario Bros. movie. You can find these creatures wearing top hats, head mirrors, and even Mario's iconic red hat (after getting possessed by him), and they all look fantastic, which is just proof of their amazing and simple design; you can even spot one of these creatures on the 35th Anniversary image from Nintendo. Whether they're friend or foe, the Goomba is our #1 favorite Super Mario enemy.

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