Top 5 Favorite Keyblades

Kingdom Hearts is a franchise that started back in 2002. As of 2020 there are at least thirteen games available. The franchise revolves around a young boy named Sora, traveling through various worlds encountering Disney and Square Enix characters. He is accompanied by Disney's Goofy and Donald Duck, and along their adventure the three fight their way against various enemies. Sora is equipped with a weapon called the Keyblade, which allows him to lock and unlock practically anything (chests, doors, worlds, and people's hearts). As you travel through the various worlds, you unlock different Keyblades. They come in different shapes and colors, and because there are so many, we want to share with you our favorites. Here is our list on the top 5 Keyblades in the Kingdom Hearts franchise:

#5 Favorite Deputy

At #5 comes a new Keyblade from KH3, Favorite Deputy. This colorful Keyblade is earned after clearing the Toy Story chapter. Our biggest reason this Keyblade is in our top 5 is that it has Woody's hat as part of its design; on top of a cactus of all things! Sora and Co. fight hundreds of Heartless and Nobodies, along with the evil Organization XIII, and to just beat the baddies up with a cactus wearing a hat, is so ridiculous that it lands in our #5 spot. Also, the fact that the keychain attached to the Keyblade is the crane game arm grabbing an alien is a very smart and cute design.

#4 Fenrir Keyblade

We're shifting gears around for our #4 favorite Keyblades. The Fenrir Keyblade is quite the opposite of Favorite Deputy, and that it looks more mechanical and built for combat. With the blade shaped more like an actual tumbler key, with bandages wrapped around the bottom base, this keyblade screams edgy; and for good reason too. You receive this Keyblade from the one-and-only Tifa from Final Fantasy VII after watching Cloud and Sephiroth battle it out in KH2; two of the most edgy characters you'll run into in KH2. Overall, the Fenrir Keyblade makes our #4 for having a design that not only functions as a weapon and Keyblade but must also unlock the biggest ride in the Final Fantasy universe.

#3 Diamond Dust (Union X)

Some Keyblades throughout the franchise have amazing designs that range from cool and powerful to cute and magical, well our #3 leans more towards the latter. Diamond Dust has been a Keyblade that has been around since Kingdom Hearts: Final Mix, but our favorite version of Diamond Dust is when you upgrade it on Kingdom Hearts: Union X. This Keyblade is very magical - from the snowflake design to the sharp icicle edges. Once you wield this, you are sure to stand out.

#2 Oblivion

We have said it over and over, but there are so many choices of Keyblades, and after staring at hundreds of designs, we found Oblivion to be a common choice with many of us, which is why Oblivion is our #2 favorite Keyblade. This very iconic and popular Keyblade first appeared in Kingdom Hearts and has been included in the main series since then. What makes this Keyblade so popular for us is its design - all black with a purple gem on the guard, with chains connected along the fuller and blade. The intricate design of the point and the key teeth also stand out for us. Let us not forget it was also half of Roxas dual set; the moment in KH2 when he wielded both Oblivion and Oathkeeper is branded into our minds.

#1 Way to Dawn

Our #1 favorite Keyblade belongs to Riku, who has wielded it since KH2, and that Keyblade is Way to Dawn. We love the design and the meaning behind Riku's Keyblade; which represents him very well. The edgy dark wing as the blade, along with an angelic and demonic wing as the guards to represent Riku's journey from darkness into light; even the smaller angelic wing design for the teeth of a key. It is such a different design compared to everything else on our list, but that's how Keyblades are; they are meant to be different and memorable in their own way. For us, Way to Dawn is the most memorable and 

What are your favorite Keyblades? Let us know in the comment section below. 

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