What is Ensky?

Theatrical Scenes with Paper

We take the existing appeal of the characters and other IP (Intellectual Properties) entrusted to us by the entities that own them, transform that appeal into something new and exciting, and then present them to the world to capture the attention of all, whether they are new or longtime fans. IP is not limited to characters, but also it includes picture books, video content, and illustrations of celebrities and athletes. We think of what we do as sharing fun and exciting moments with people of all ages everywhere.

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Ensky Demon Slayer Paper Theater Bundle 

Tanjiro Kamado, Nezuko Kamado, Zenitsu & Inosuke

Ensky Demon Slayer Pillar Paper Theater Bundle

Water, Flame, Sound Pillars; Insect, Wind, and Stone Pillars;
Love, Mist, and Serpent Pillars

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We produce a variety of different experience-oriented products, including jigsaw puzzles and playing cards. Whether they are enjoyed alone or shared with friends and family, our products are sure to bring so much fun and joy to any moment!

We, as the creators of these products, also love every unique piece of work and the characters that we feature in our products. We build brands based off the emotions and unique experiences each work brings and combine that with an understanding of current trends to highlight each character’s world. This, in turn, allows us to create quality products that are true to the characters for fans everywhere to enjoy to the fullest.

The paper theater series consists of layering colored paper and wood that have been precisely cut with a laser. It is a craft kit that creates a theatrical scene of the characters that appear in the anime and movies.

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