Howl's Moving Castle Returns to Theaters

The magic of Studio Ghibli and its films is something that continues to draw new audiences, inspire longtime fans, and bring so much joy to all those who come across any work. Bandai Namco Toys & Collectible America Inc. (BNTCA) are extremely proud to bring the World of Ghibli to fans in the States – the magic of Studio Ghibli comes off screen and into fans’ homes, into their hands, with what BNTCA has to share. From home décor, such as desk clocks and towels, to things crafts and toys, such as paper theater kits and puzzles, the World of Ghibli gives endless ways to enjoy Studio Ghibli even more.

In their efforts to share the excitement of Studio Ghibli with more people, BNTCA had teamed up with their friends at Gkids ( to host a special giveaway to celebrate the return of Howl’s Moving Castle to theaters. Although the giveaway ends on 9/21/2022, all fans can enjoy the gift of an extra screening date. From 9/25 to 9/28, for four days only, fans can experience the beloved story of Howl and Sophie in cinemas again!

Hayao Miyazaki takes the audience into a far-off world filled with witches, castles that move, and fire spirits with personality. This imaginative fantasy world takes viewers into a journey that will sweep them off their feet, dazzling them with magic and all things that feel so impossible in one’s ordinary life. Our main characters, Sophie and Howl, show us just what it takes to overcome one’s problems with patience, understanding, and a bit of humor.

It’s no doubt that this film is one for the books – even nearly twenty years after its release, it still remains near and dear in many viewer’s hearts. The love fans have for this film has lead to the demand of a fourth day for the Ghibli Fest screening (originally, it was only showing on 9/25, 9/26, and 9/28). But the love for this movie transcends just the film, making it one of the most in demand titles for merchandise. The World of Ghibli team at BNTCA have been working hard to continue to bring fans more to supplement their love for the film.

From the World of Ghibli store, favorite items include:

  • Heen Desk Duster Plush – Everyone’s favorite pup is both super soft and super useful, making it a fan favorite to display and keep the dust bunnies away.
  • Calcifer Kitchen Tool Frying Pan – Breakfast, or any meal at that, just doesn’t hit the same without the help of our good friend Calcifer.
  • Mame Towel Ghibli Bundle – A special Studio Ghibli film bundle, this Mame Towel set features many fan favorite characters, including Calcifer.


And coming soon to our store, we’re so excited to announce:

  • 208-AC27 The Magical Castle
    This beautiful 208 piece Art Crystal puzzle showcases each character from the movie in a stunning stained glass effect that really does justice to the movie’s magic.


  • PT-253 Studio Ghibli Decoration - Howl
    This stunning paper theater kit is coming soon and definitely one fans should not pass up! It features the beloved Howl and features a silver foil decorative element that really makes this pop.

For fans who enjoy the Studio Ghibli films and are looking forward to the screening of Howl’s Moving Castle and all the new items to come, be sure to check out BNTCA’s live stream this week on 9/22/2022 as the World of Ghibli team will come on to share the Ghibli love! They’ll discuss all their favorite Studio Ghibli films, characters and more – even sharing their favorite items from the World of Ghibli store with views. Be sure to tune in because they’re also preparing a special giveaway – but that’s all we can say for now! See you then!


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