Top 4 Favorite Collectibles Of 2021

The year is drawing to a close, and we've distributed quite a handful of amazing collectibles. That said, we thought it would be great to share with you our Top 4 favorite collectibles this year. It was tough to decide what would be our favorite since we carry various brands from Storm Collectibles, Flame Toys, Sen-Ti-Nel, Studio Ghibli, and more, but after careful thought, we agreed on these four. This isn't a definitive list, it is just our personal favorites, and if you have a list of your favorites from this year feel free to share it with us. In the meantime enjoy our list!

Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse SV-Action Miles Morales


One figure stood out amongst the waves of products that came out this year, and it is undoubtedly hands down our favorite figure of 2021 --Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse SV-Action Miles Morales Figure from Sen-Ti-Nel.

This figure comes loaded with tons of accessories; so much you wouldn't know which accessory to start with. Not only do you get alternative hands and Miles Morales head sculpt without the mask, but you also get his jacket, shorts, and the iconic red dunks that he can wear over the suit! These accessories alone makes it feel like you got a 2-in-1 figure. If that wasn't all, this figure includes a spray can, cell phone, headphones, mallet, various spiderwebs, and the list goes on and on!

If the accessories weren't already a major bonus, this figure is highly articulated allowing people to pose Miles and recreate scenes from the animated film.

If you haven't purchased one, you may want to consider it. This figure is a GameStop exclusive and restock are on their way come 2022.


 CSM Sengoku Driver


When it comes to toys, Kamen Rider belts are always a blast to play with. It's like owning a piece of the show and we always get excited once a new belt arrives. 

One belt comes to mind as we thought of the many belts released within this year and it is the CSM Sengoku Driver from the series Kamen Rider Gaim

This belt is a welcomed addition to the CSM (Complete Selection Modification) line. Not only do you feel the weight of the belt, but the gimmick of lockseeds feel just right. When it comes to CSM line, it's usually a one and done, BUT for this line, a plethora of different lockseeds and faceplates have been offered for the CSM Sengoku Driver with more hopefully to come.

The amount of hours playing with this belt, as well as how fantastic this looks displayed as is or with a S.H.Figuarts of Kamen Rider Gaim or any of the armored riders make the CSM Sengoku Driver one of our favorite releases this year. 

Jujutsu Kaisen S.H.Figuarts

Tamashii Nations cranks out a ton of S.H.Figuarts in the course of a year with so many different IPs, but one line stands out among the crowd, and that is the Jujutsu Kaisen S.H.Figuarts line!

It is a breath of fresh air to see Tamashii Nations create a figure for a recent anime; one that has gained some popularity since the first season release; now available to watch on Crunchyroll. There are many times that we wish there was a S.H.Figure for new and popular Demon Slayer * fingers crossed * or even a completed team like the Naruto line (Thankfully they announced Team 7 coming 2022), so we are ecstatic that they created amazing articulated figures at an early time.

While there is only two figures available as of right now (Yuji Itadori & Gojo), we cannot wait for the rest of the team to be released in 2022.



UltimaGear Millennium Puzzle

Bandai Hobby is renowned all over the world for their Gunpla, with hundreds of kits released yearly, and within this year we found a brilliant gem or rather...a brilliant puzzle, in their growing roster of model kits, and that is the UlitmaGear Millennium Puzzle from the hit anime series Yu-Gi-Oh!  

For folks who are not familiar with the series, Yugi solves an ancient puzzle that unlocks an ancient pharoah that aids him in duels involving a trading card game. In the series it took little Yugi quite some time to solve it, and the amazing part of this hobby kit is that there is no instruction on how to solve the puzzle once all the puzzle pieces have been built (instructions included to build each puzzle piece). You must use your brains and wit to complete this puzzle which makes this one of our favorite collectibles of 2022. 

Let us know how long it took you to solve the puzzle.

There you have it, our Top 4 Collectibles from 2021. We want to note that many of the Storm Collectibles action figures released throughout 2021 were also close to making this list, such as Motaro, Kung Lao, and even Ares from the Injustice line. As mentioned earlier, this is not a definitive list, it is just a fun list we compiled of our favorite collectibles for 2021. We would love to hear your favorite collectibles throughout this year; better yet, a photo of your collectibles by tagging us on social media.

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Happy New Years!!

- Bandai Namco Collectibles LLC.