New Collectibles from Megahouse

Megahouse is starting 2022 with jam-packed news of products releasing later this year!

If you're new to the brand and have never heard of Megahouse then welcome! Megahouse is a major Japanese toy manufacturer and BANDAI Group company. Originally founded in 1962 as Kaken, the company was purchased by BANDAI and merged with BANDAI subsidiaries Angel and B-AI in 1997 to become MegaHouse.

The origin of the company name is a combination of the acronym Mega, Make (produce) Enjoy (enjoy) Global (worldwide Ability (talent), and House, which likens the company to a family community. And, as the word mega itself means “huge,” MegaHouse also reflects the company’s philosophy to provide dreams to our customers through its imagination and adventurous spirit.

They create amazing collectibles featuring some of the most popular IP's around such as Bleach, Naruto, Demon Slayer, Jujutsu Kaisen, Sailor Moon, Gundam, Digimon, and many more! Their collectibles range from highly-detailed statues, adorable charms/keychains, customizable figures, and miniature figures.

Check out these several products slated to release later this year!

Jujutsu Kaisen Ochamoto

The Ochamoto line from Megahouse continues with the newest set from hit-anime, Jujutsu Kaisen. Each figure (40mm/1.5" tall) is designed with maximum cuteness and can rest on the edge of your cup or glass!

The set contains a total of six characters to collect including Yuji Itadori and Nobara Kugisaki with her hands on her cheeks! Bring them out with you to your favorite café or simply have them with you at tea time!

When you're done with your drink, place the character on their stand (included) which features a drawing iconic to the character (Megumi with his wolf, Nobara with her nails).

This item is a blind box package.

MSRP$11 each | Estimated release September 2022

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Jujutsu Kaisen Rubber Mascot Buddycolle (Vol. 3)

Continuing on the Jujutsu Kaisen product reveals are the rubber mascot keychains that are part of the Buddycolle line.

This set includes six new mascots including characters that have never been in the lineup before - Todo, Kenjaku and Utahime! Be sure to add them to your collection! Each rubber mascot includes a ball chain to display your favorite mascot on backpacks, keys, wherever you can attach them to.

This item is a blind box package.

MSRP $11 each | Estimated release September 2022

Jujutsu Kaisen Fluffy Squeeze Bread  (0 movie & Vol2.)

Fluffly Squeeze Bread line from Megahouse features your favorite characters as a squeezable mascot made in the image of freshly baked bread!

Joining this hot and fresh line are characters from the Jujutsu Kaisen 0 movie (pictured left) and characters seen in the anime with vol. 2 (pictured right). Each set includes 6 characters that also include a ball chain allowing you to attach them to bags when going out to cafes or events.

This item is a blind box package.

MSRP $13 each | Estimated release September 2022

Charm Patisserie Series: Juutsu Kaisen

What happens when you create charms of your favorite characters in the style of adorable, decorated cookies? You get the Charm Patisserie series!

Joining this line are 6 different characters from the anime. Each charm includes a ball chain to easily attach to bags, pouches, straps or anything else that needs a cute Jujutsu Kaisen touch.

This item is a blind box package.

MSRP $11 each | Estimated release September 2022

Chokorin Mascots: Sailor Moon (Vol. 2)

The second set of characters from Sailor Moon are joining the Chokorin Mascot series! The second set includes Sailor Moon, Sailor Chibi Moon, and the long-awaited Outer Sailor Guardians!

They are easy to collect and carry around with you, allowing you to take photos with your favorite characters in all sorts of situations and places! Each 2" figure comes with a little base that allows it to stand on display as well!

Lineup: Sailor Moon, Sailor Chibi Moon, Sailor Uranus, Sailor Neptune, Sailor Pluto, Sailor Saturn

This item is a blind box package.

MSRP $60 For the set | Estimated release September 2022

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Desktop Army - Heavy Weapon High School Girl (Team 3 & Team 4)

The second selection of characters from the popular Heavily Armed High School Girls series illustrated by Neco is joining the Desktop Army series of chibi figures!

Desktop Army chibis are 3-inch figures that include parts that are interchangeable and compatible with previously released Desktop Army figures, allowing you to mix and match for limitless options.

"Create your very own army to brighten up your desktop with some extra cuteness!"

Both figures are sold separately.

MSRP $95 each | Estimated release September 2022

Team 3
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Team 4
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G.M.G. (Gundam Military Generation): Mobile Suit Gundam - Principality of Zeon

The G.M.G. line continues with more Principality of Zeon characters!

Currently available for pre-order on Bluefinbrands are four different products featuring characters from the classic anime Mobile Suit Gundam:

Team Ramba Ral Set w/Gift - This special set includes Ramba Ral, Crowley Hamon, General soldier, and a motorcycle. A special gift included is a table and chair parts to create even more scenes with these figures. MSRP $180.

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V-01 (Exclusive Motorcycle) - the first vehicle in the series. The bike is 1/18 scale to be in line with G.M.G figures. MSRP $65.

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08 (VSP General Soldier & Exclusive Motorcycle) - a pre-colored finished figure set of a soldier and a motorcycle! The other optional head comes with a bandana wrapped around it and parts that can reproduce the look of Zeigan from Ramba Ral's group.

This set also comes with several weapons and accessories: A Navan 62 type pistol, a formal shotgun, a communication set, a harness, a pistol holder, and various replacement wrists are also included. MSRP $85.

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07 (Ramba Ral & Crowley Hamon) - The newest release "G.M.G. (Gundam Military Generation)" is based around the fan-favorite "Ramba Ral Corps". This set contains Ramba Ral & Hamon. Ramba Ral is a posable figure and Hamon is a non-posable figure. Although Crowley Hamon is immovable, you can enjoy two types of poses by replacing the right arm parts. The head is also movable and removable. You can place her head on the sold separately G.M.G Principality of Zero General Solider 03. MSRP $75.

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Each item is estimated to release in September 2022

G.M.G. (Gundam Military Generation): Mobile Suit Gundam - Principality of Zeon

Celebrating the 25th Anniversary of Ultraman Tiga! The Multi Type version of Ultraman Tiga is finally joining the Ultimate Article series standing 15.7 inches in height with realistic details and various special features!

The figure also features amazing light-up and sound effects! The first set features the Spark Lence transformation sound with light-up Tiga eyes (both eyes) and blue Color Timer light-up effect. A second setting allows for a red flashing Color Timer and a 30-second timer sound which leads up to the sound of the Multi Type's most powerful attack, the Zeperion Ray!

Last but not least the figure also features interchangeable arm parts to switch him between a fighting pose and his Zeperion Ray pose. The base includes stickers for both the series logo and the Tiga Sign logo, allowing you to choose the version you prefer.

MSRP $520 | Estimated release July 2022 

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Pre-orders are now available. Check out Bluefinbrands to pre-order your Megahouse collectibles today!

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