New Figures From Storm Collectibles

Once again, Storm Collectibles pulls out all the stops and delivers a roster filled with face-pounding fighters from killer titles including Tekken 7, The King of Fighters, and the hit anime, Kengan Ashura! Each figure features exquisite detail and is loaded with a plethora of accessories that is sure to excite the fans. Let's take a look at all the available action figures!

Devil Jin (Tekken 7)

Devil Jin is one of those characters that fans have been dying to include in their collection. Prototype of Devil Jin was seen at Comic-Con Special Edition during Thanksgiving weekend and had fans excited to see him with his regular form, and King all in one display. This figure includes 3 interchanging head sculpts, 4 pairs of hands, and articulated wings, ready to pose however you see fit. Wonder what character would be next on the list for this Bandai Namco fighting game?

MSRP $120

Orochi (The King of Fighters '98 Ultimate Match)

Fully painted prototype of Orochi was revealed during ACG 2021, and fans of the series and character were asking "when" and "where" can they pre-order this figure. We're happy to say that pre-orders for him have begun for US release. Storm Collectibles is known for including effects that people recognize with the character and there is no holding back when it comes to this figure. Orochi includes 4 pairs of hands, arm special effect, blue flame special effect, and a blue figure stand.

MSRP $135

Tokita Ohma (Kengan Ashura)

Teased a year ago with just the poster from the anime, this figure would be one of Storm Collectibles figures not based on a video game. Fans immediately were hyped and even suggested Storm Collectibles look into the anime Baki as well. It was shown once again at ACG 2021 and at Comic-Con Special Edition this year. We're extremely excited to check this figure out once it arrives. Tokita Ohma is ready to fight out of the box and includes 3 interchanging head sculpts, 4 pair of hands, and 1 punching effect.

MSRP $85

Kure Raian (Kengan Ashura)

You can't have a protagonist action figure and NOT have someone for him to fight, right? Well Storm Collectibles thought exactly that and revealed a prototype of Kure Raian during Comic-Con Special Edition. Not long after, he became available to order on their official site, and is now currently available to pre-order for US release. Kure Raian includes 3 interchanging head sculpts, 4 pairs of hands, and 1 punching effect (can be used on his feet too).

MSRP $85.00

There you have it, four new action figures from Storm Collectibles! Each figure is available for pre-order for US release wherever Storm Collectibles products are sold. Check your preferred retailer for availability.  

Which figure are you excited to add to your collection?

What's the difference between US Release & Storm Collectibles Official Site?

Storm Collectibles has all their figures available on their official site ready to pre-order or add to cart. Once their orders have  sold out, that's it. We at Bandai Namco Collectibles LLC. (Bluefin) distribute these figures to our retail partners throughout the US allowing collectors to have choices on where they would prefer to pick their figures from.

Included with the US release of these figures is our Bluefin sticker, that officially recognizes it was distributed by us. With that sticker, and receipt, customers are able to request replacement if their NEWLY RELEASED figure should so happen to have an issue. In short, if your figure has an issue anddoes not include the Bluefin sticker, then we can not offer the same service as our US release version.

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