Nanoblocks Event Exclusive Set Available on Bluefin Brands

Thanksgiving weekend, Comic-Con Special Edition was in full swing in San Diego and Nanoblocks had an amazing booth that offered tons of characters and an exclusive set featuring Pac-Man. Those who were able to attend had the chance to pick up this set, along with attending the workshop kit to create a Nanoblock pokeball. It was a spectacular event that we won't ever forget. For those who were not able to attend and want a chance to purchase this event exclusive, don't worry, because we're offering this Comic-Con Special Edition exclusive on Bluefin Brands for a LIMITED TIME!

Nanoblock is proud to present their Comic-Con Special Edition 2021 Exclusive! This limited collector set features three nanoblock PAC-MAN characters from the instant classic arcade / video game series. This is a special, clear color / translucent version, made exclusively for Comic-Con Special Edition. This fantastic set includes the Arcade Machine, PAC-MAN & cherry and the ghosts, “Inky and Blinky.” Each exclusive set includes the official Comic-Con Special Edition logo!

PAC-MAN Arcade Machine from Nanoblock's Character Collection series stands approximately 2.43" tall and has 160 pieces. Difficulty level is 2/5.

PAC-MAN & Cherry from Nanoblock's Character Collection series stands approximately 1.49" tall and has 150 pieces. Difficulty level is 1/5.

Blinky & Inky from Nanoblock's Character Collection series stands approximately 1.37" tall and has 180 pieces. Difficulty level is 2/5.

Each Nanoblock kit features all the details one would expect and is fun and are easy to build! These are considered an entry level kit, which is perfect for anyone wanting to try out these micro-sized blocks.

Order your Comic-Con Special Edition Event Exclusive here today! 

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