Team Kamen Rider Announces New Items

Throughout the year each brand from Bluefin Brands announces amazing new toys and collectibles that are must-have for collectors and fans. Team Kamen Rider brings us three (3) new collectibles for US release, and we want all the fans to know what's coming out.

Legend Belt Series

This line of Henshin Belt recreates the look and henshin sounds of the belt at an affordable price point. This line uses simple mechanics and a press of a button to activate the sound effects, compared to the DX or Complete Selection Modification line. Earlier in the year, the first two of this revived line are Legend Henshin Belt - Typhoon, from the original Kamen Rider, and Legend Henshin Belt - Arcle, from Kamen Rider Kuuga. Two more Legend Henshin Belts were recentlyannounced, and they are Legend Henshin Belt - Faiz and Legend Henshin Belt - Fourze. Both new belts are estimated to release Dec 2021 - Jan 2022.

Ridewatch Quartzer Set

Premium Bandai is home to Bandai's sought-after and exclusive products such as apparel, jewelry, figures, model kits, and more. Every now and then Japan releases Kamen Rider products on this exclusive site, and while there is a long list of items that we wish would make its way here from Premium Bandai JP, Team Kamen Rider tries to bring us some of that exclusivity to fans in the US. Recently announced from the team are three Ridewatch sets that were used in the Kamen Rider Zi-O movie, Over Quartzer. These three sets are sold separately and come with three Ridewatch each.

Set 01 Include
- RX RideWatch
- Roborider RideWatch
- Biorider RideWatch

Set 02 Include
- Shin RideWatch
- ZO RideWatch
- J RideWatch

Set 03 Include
- Amazons Alpha RideWatch
- Amazons Neo RideWatch
- Blank RideWatch

Ridewatch Quartzer Set are estimated to release April - May 2022.

Kamen Rider Petitrama

Finally, we have the new Kamen Rider Petitrama Series Legend Rider Memories from MegaHouse. This set features four Kamen Riders in iconic moments: Kuuga, Zero-One, Faiz, and W (Double). Each figure stands at approx. 3" tall, which makes them perfect for your desk or if you have limited space. This set is scheduled to be released March 2022.

That's all the new Kamen Rider collectibles coming, and we're so excited to get a closer look at them when they arrive. Let us know which item you're interested in or what you'd love to see come to the US with the help of Team Kamen Rider. 

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