Marvel Sofbinal Venom and Carnage

The Sentinel Sofbinal line brings the villainy with two iconic Spider-Man villains, featuring Venom (1.5 version) and Carnage. The Sofbinal line are high-end soft vinyl statues that feature a high level of detail and sculpting and capture these two iconic villains at their best....or worst, depending on your perspective. Let's take a look at both of these amazing non-articulate figures!

Carnage (pictured above) stands 15.75 inches tall and features him in attack mode with his hand mimicking a blade with a bold red and black color design. This figure will surely be a menacing addition to any collection.

Venom (pictured below) stands 15.75 inches tall and captures Spider-Man’s iconic foe in a menacing look, complete with extended tongue and muscular physique. This updated version of Venom even comes with a pedestal base, which adds another level of realism and detail to Venom. Unlike the original Marvel Sofbinal Venom figure, this one does not come with an alternate head.

The Sofbinal line of figures represents Spider-Man and his foes with amazing comic book accuracy, bringing these figures to life in a pre-articulated way. Both Sofbinal figures pair perfectly with the pre-existing line, which includes Spider-Man, Spider-Man (Black Suit Ver.), and the Venom (Sealth). These figures are must haves for any Spider-Man or Marvel fan out there.

Marvel Sofbinal Venom (1.5 Ver.) is available for pre-order until January 10, 2022, for $250, while the Marvel Sofbinal Carnage is also available until January 10, 2022, for $350. Venom will ship in June 2022, while Carnage will ship in July.

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