Son Goku

Tamashii Nations is proud to announce the arrival of IMAGINATION WORKS, the true pinnacle of action figures for the ultimate collector. Son Goku is the first figure in the 1/9 scale lineup. IMAGINATION WORKS brings a new level of prestige to the table with high quality sculptures, coloring, texture, value, and articulation. Your collection is about to be cranked up to new heights with Son Goku at the center of it.


Son Goku's coloration is accurate and expressive--down to the gleam in his eyes, and the coloring of his robe and belt. Look closely at the gradations and highlights in his Super Saiyan Hair and you might think this is the real Goku standing in front of you.


The arms utilize a "seamless" material that accentuates the power and beauty of musculature. Developed exclusively for use in the IMAGINATION WORKS Son Goku, this "seamless joint system" allows the elbow to bend without needing visible parting lines. The join system also enhances the musculature, expressing the power and beauty of the muscles as the figure is posed like never before. This is the next generation of action figures.


Son Goku's head is newly designed to accommodate combinations of different face and eye parts. You can change the nuance of each face by swapping out the eyes. The set includes two types of faces, each for normal and Saiyan modes, with three pairs of optional eyes, for a total of 12 different possible expressions in a single figure.


The pursuit of anime-accurate posability guided Tamashii to create a figure with the ultimate balance of articulation and visual proportions. A flexible material is used for the robes on the upper body. This flexibility connects the upper and lower halves in a natural way, providing gaps so that the parts do not interfere with one another during poses. The lower half preserves the strong, grounded proportions of Son Goku's legs while allowing the knees to bend and extend naturally. When the knees are bent, the backs of the thighs accordion inwards to preserve a realistic leg silhouette. So too is the baggy form of the leggings maintained. What you are seeing is the result of continued research and development, along with extensive experimentation in getting the leg structure to perfection.

Look for IMAGINATION WORKS Son Goku in stores October 2020. This is a figure you won't want to miss and we can't wait for you to experience this new generation of figure.

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