Heisei Week 2 Recap

eLast week Kamen Rider fans celebrated a week-long event for the Tokusatsu franchise with Heisei Week 2. This digital event is the sequel to last year's event, where we premiered Kamen Rider Heisei Generations FOREVER film with the help of Shout! Factory and Nerdist, along with director James Gunn tweeting out how he loves that Kamen Rider was trending. Heisei Week 2 was filled with exciting live streams, contests, exclusive merch, and we're excited to recap all the fun that took place during this event.

Heisei Week 2 kicked things off with the kickoff panel, where both Team Kamen Rider members David C. and A.J. V. reviewed the schedule during the week. They shared the site layout at Bluefinbrands.com announcing limited time items that were available, such as panda plushies, shirts, and Team Kamen Rider jerseys; which fans have been vocal about for quite some time. 

These official Team Kamen Rider jerseys sport a black jersey with gold trimmings, along with a red number 50 on the back to represent the 50th Anniversary with the official 50th logo on one sleeve and Heisei Week 2 logo on the other. These jerseys were available to purchase for $100 and were exclusive to this event. The shirts that featured Kamen Rider Build and Kamen Rider Grease were also exclusive to the event with the art provided by two American artists. David C. had made it especially clear throughout each livestream that they are made to order and there will be none available after the event. 

For the first couple days of Heisei Week 2 Team Kamen Rider had special livestream interviews with three of their retail partners: Megaroad, Tokullectibles, and Muteki Sales. Viewers got a more personal look at each retailer and how they got into business, what they're favorite series were, and just having good times with the team. Long time customers joined each stream giving their unwavering support; letting them know how awesome they are. Check out the interview below featuring Megaroad. 

Other exciting news that occurred during Heisei Week 2 was the special-secret-surprise panel on Thursday. Fans were saddened that the news was not pertaining to David's favorite rider, Kamen Rider Gaim. Instead, this panel featured a very exclusive interview featuring @JoeIlluminerdi on Twitter and James Gunn, director of the new Suicide Squad film. Check out that interview right here if you haven't seen it yet.

On the last day (8/7) Team Kamen Rider had a fun game of 20 questions with special guests @Tokuchris, @prawnhornheroes, @KaijuCarl, and @ZackLaVoy. For those unfamiliar to the game of 20 questions, our guests and David try to guess what characters A.J. picked for each round by asking him ask yes/no questions. The first two rounds were surprisingly easy for everyone, but the third and final round had David and guests stumped with a 50/50 choice for their final answer, which ended up incorrect. @KaijuCarl and @ZackLaVoy did have the correct answer but lost out to votes from chat and the other members of the stream.

After the fun game they shared the Henshin Together collaboration video, where fans submitted a video of them performing a henshin from any Kamen Rider. If you haven't seen that video. Check it out down below. 

The final stream for Heisei Week 2 went live just after the their 20 Questions game with David and A.J. closing things up with some Q&A and future announcements such as a possible meet up in New York during NYCC (New York Comic-Con) or Anime NYC. Each livestream and Henshin Together video are available to watch on demand at our YouTube channel. We hope you enjoyed Heisei Week 2 as much as we did, and we hope to have you join us once again in a future Kamen Rider event.

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