What is Gashapon?

Gashapon is Bandai’s official capsule toy. These capsule toys can be found all across Japan, The United States, and all across the world in specially designed vending machines. Prizes are varied and range from hundreds of characters such as Dragon Ball, Sailor Moon, Sanrio, and more!

How much does Gashapon cost?

Each token is $2 with each Gashapon machine haveing an indicator on the front left of how many tokens the machine takes to spin. Each machine can vary between 2-4 tokens, or even more if the prize is even bigger!

Where can I get these tokens?

Gashapon tokens can be exchanged with an employee or at a kiosk dispenser in the store.

Hundreds of Machines to Choose From!


From Feb 1st to Aug 31st a special Gashapon Bandai Official Shop will be open to the public in Little Tokyo, California. See below for more information. 

Location: 319 E. 2nd St. Los Angeles, CA 90012

Hours: Wed-Mon, 12PM - 7PM (Closed Tue)

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